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dc.descriptionCONTENTS: FEMINIST COLLECTIONS, vol. 33, no.3 (Summer 2012) From the Editors: Book Reviews: "Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Life Writ Large," by Jean M. Lutes. Reviews Judith A. Allen, THE FEMINISM OF CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN: SEXUALITIES, HISTORIES, PROGRESSIVISM (University of Chicago Press, 2009; Cynthia J. Davis, CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN: A BIOGRAPHY (Stanford University Press, 2010); and Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, WILD UNREST: CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN AND THE MAKING OF "THE YELLOW WALL-PAPER" (Oxford University Press, 2010). "Delicious Revolution: Women, Farming, and Food," by Dianna Hunter. Reviews Novella Carpenter, FARM CITY: THE EDUCATION OF AN URBAN FARMER (Penguin Group, 2009); Temra Costa, FARMER JANE: WOMEN CHANGING THE WAY WE EAT (Gibbs Smith, 2010); Catherine Friend, SHEEPISH: TWO WOMEN, FIFTY SHEEP & ENOUGH WOOL TO SAVE THE PLANET (Da Capo, 2011); Mary Zeis Stange, HARD GRASS: LIFE ON THE CRAZY WOMAN BISON RANCH (University of New Mexico Press, 2010); and Spring Warren, THE QUARTER ACRE FARM: HOW I KEPT THE PATIO, LOST THE LAWN, AND FED MY FAMILY FOR A YEAR (Seal Press, 2011). Feminist Visions: "Girl Refracted: The Unglamorous Life of a Siberian Girl Model," by Beth Huang, Michelle Preston, Heather Shimon, & Kelsey Wallner. Reviews the film GIRL MODEL. 78 mins., directed by David Redmon & Ashley Sabin, 2011. Distributed by First Run Features: Professional Reading: "Gender and Online Gaming." Dorothea Salo reviews Jenny Sunden & Malin Sveningsson, GENDER AND SEXUALITY IN ONLINE GAME CULTURES: PASSIONATE PLAY (Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2012); Linda Shimon reviews James Paul Gee & Elisabeth R. Hayes, WOMEN AND GAMING: THE SIMS AND 21ST CENTURY LEARNING. (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) : E-Sources on Women & Gender column describes and links to new blogs, sites, and useful documents: New Reference Works in Women's Studies column: Grants for Women: Gail Ann Schlachter & R. David Weber, eds., DIRECTORY OF FINANCIAL AIDS FOR WOMEN, 2012-2014 (Reference Service Press, 2012), reviewed by Nancy Nyland; Media: Karen Ross, ed., THE HANDBOOK OF GENDER, SEX AND MEDIA (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), reviewed by Kari Weaver; Poetry: Jane Dowson, ed., THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO TWENTIETH-CENTURY BRITISH AND IRISH WOMEN'S POETRY (Cambridge University Press, 2011) reviewed by Susan Bennett White; Women's Movement History: June Hannam, FEMINISM, 2nd ed. (Longman, 2012) reviewed by Rachel Bicicchi; reviews Don Nardo, THE WOMEN'S MOVEMENT. (Lucent Books, 2011), reviewed by Melodie Frankovitch. Periodical Notes column describes new periodicals and special thematic issues on women and gender.en
dc.description.abstractSubtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. ISSN 0742-7441. 26p.en
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversity of Wisconsin System
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversity of Wisconsin System
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dc.subjectGilman, Charlotte Perkinsen
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dc.titleFeminist Collections, v.33, no.3 (summer 2012)en
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