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Plant science laboratory manual curriculum project

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Handrich, Mary
Buttles, Timothy
MS, Agricultural Education
Jun 06, 2012
Botany--Study and teaching (Secondary); Agricultural education--Wisconsin--Denmark; Curriculum planning; Plant science; Laboratory manual; Agricultural education
The Plant Science Laboratory Manual Project was designed to accompany an already established plant science course curriculum at Denmark High School in Denmark, Wisconsin. The plant science course will now require a more hands on learning component because of the newly constructed greenhouse. The aim of the project was to provide a laboratory manual to each student enrolled in the plant science course, which will be used as an assessment tool for instructors and as a way for all instructors to ensure consistency between course sections. The project encompasses expanding the curriculum to provide more hands on learning opportunities within the greenhouse. The Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE) Institute offered a professional development workshop to train teachers for the instruction of plant sciences. Participants were provided with important background related to the pedagogy used in CASE curriculum and practice teaching lessons to prepare them for classroom and laboratory instruction. Participating in the CASE Institute was the beginning of compiling laboratory activities that work best for the course curriculum already established and the utilization of the greenhouse. The resulting laboratory curriculum of this project will be used to incorporate the laboratory component to the already established plant science course. The laboratory manual was compiled through time spent reviewing plant science laboratory resources and integrating them into the classroom curriculum. The curriculum is comprised on ten units with 26 individual labs for students to complete. Lab activities are taken from Biology and Earth science with Vernier, CASE Principles of Agriscience-Plant, and the Introductory to Horticulture Lab Manual. The laboratory curriculum will be used to compliment the high school plant science course and will be evaluated on an annual basis to improve laboratory activities.
Plan B Paper. 2012. Master of Science in Agricultural Education--University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Agricultural Education Department. iii + 20 leaves. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 19-20).
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