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Oral History Interview: Felicitus Ferington (1052)

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Lenzke, Linda
Ferington, Felicitus
Aug 30, 2009
Military; Nursing; Madison's LGBT Community
Abstract: In her three August 2009 interviews with Linda Lenzke, Felicitus Ferington details her experiences growing up on a farm in Buffalo, NY in the 1940s, her participation in the Buffalo, NY gay-bar scene and her civilian and military career in psychological nursing. FF discusses her involvement with the community health movement, her service in the Vietnam and the Persian Gulf Wars and her teaching. She also relates her experiences in lesbian relationships, being influenced by the women?s liberation movement, discovering and becoming a part of the lesbian community in Madison,WI as well as the changes in her family?s relationships over time. At the end of the oral history, FF provides an overview of her pursuits as an active senior. This interview was conducted for inclusion into the project, Madison?s LGBT Community, 1960s-Present, part of the UW-Madison Oral History Program?s general collection.
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