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    • Partial Evaluation of Machine Code 

      Srinivasan, Venkatesh; Reps, Thomas (2015-08-21)
      This paper presents an algorithm for off-line partial evaluation of machine code. The algorithm follows the classical two-phase approach of binding-time analysis (BTA) followed by specialization. However, machine-code ...
    • Slicing Machine Code 

      Srinivasan, Venkatesh; Reps, Thomas (2015-10-07)
      Machine-code slicing is an important primitive for building binary analysis and rewriting tools, such as taint trackers, fault localizers, and partial evaluators. However, it is not easy to create a machine-code slicer ...
    • Synthesis of Machine Code: Algorithms and Applications 

      Srinivasan, Venkatesh (2017-03-08)
      The analysis of binaries has gotten an increasing amount of attention from the academic community in the last decade. The results of binary analysis have been predominantly used to answer questions about the properties of ...