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    • A Survey of the Existing Landscape of ML Systems 

      Kumar, Arun; McCann, Robert; Naughton, Jeffrey; Patel, Jignesh M. (2015-11-27)
      We survey the existing landscape of ML systems to identify gaps that motivate our vision of a unifying abstraction to support the iterative process of model selection and lay a principled foundation for model selection ...
    • To Join or Not to Join? Thinking Twice about Joins before Feature Selection 

      Kumar, Arun; Naughton, Jeffrey; Patel, Jignesh M.; Zhu, Xiaojin (2015-11-27)
      Closer integration of machine learning (ML) with data processing is a booming area in both the data management industry and academia. Almost all ML toolkits assume that the input is a single table, but many datasets are ...