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    • Memory Access Dataflow 

      Sankaralingam, Karthikeyan; Kim, Sung Jin; Ho, Chen-Han (2014-03-07)
      Specialization and accelerators are an effective way to address the slowdown of Dennard scaling. For a family of accelerators like DySER, NPU, CE, and SSE acceleration that rely on a high performance processor to interface ...
    • Programming Heterogeneous Computers and Improving Inter-Node Communication Across Xeon Phis 

      Feilbach, Chris; Sperling, Adam; Sifakis, Eftychios; Hill, Mark D. (2016-05-20)
      Scientific computing workloads are well suited to parallel accelerators such as GPGPUs and the Intel Xeon Phi. While these accelerators can provide greater performance than traditional CPUs due to their parallel architectures ...
    • Proteus: Efficient Resource Use in Heterogeneous Architectures 

      Panneerselvam, Sankaralingam; Swift, Michael (2016-03-10)
      Current processors provide a variety of different processing units to improve performance and power efficiency. For example, ARM?S big.LITTLE, AMD?s APUs, and Oracle?s M7 provide heterogeneous processors, on-die GPUs, and ...