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    • Towards Robust Firewalls Using Approximate Packet Classification 

      Dong, Qunfeng; Agrawal, Dheeraj; Ge, Zihui; Wang, Jia; Wu, Jianming; Banerjee, Suman (University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, 2007)
      During the past decade or two, the Internet has witnessed an ever escalating demand for protection against unwanted traffic, including those carrying out malicious attacks. Packet filtering has been universally deployed ...
    • Understanding and Exploiting Network Traffic Redundancy 

      Gupta, Archit; Akella, Aditya; Seshan, Srinivasan; Shenker, Scott; Wang, Jia (University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, 2007)
      The Internet carries a vast amount and a wide range of content. Some of this content is more popular, and accessed more frequently, than others. The popularity of content could be quite ephemeral - e.g., a Web flash ...
    • Wire Speed Packet Classification Without TCAMS: One More Register (and a Bit of Logic) is Enough 

      Dong, Qunfeng; Banerjee, Suman; Wang, Jia; Agrawal, Dheeraj (University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, 2006)
      Many Internet functions, such as QoS and security, require classification of each packet based on a set of rules. As Internet bandwidth and data transmission rates continue to grow, the available time budget to classify ...