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Single parent student needs assessment at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Barrett, Sandra Sleik
Reid, Horle
MS, Education: College Student Personnel
Jul 1986
The purpose of this study was to identify single parent students' basic needs at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Data from this self-identified group of students were analyzed to secure background information, to determine needed basic services, and to evaluate existing services. The majority of the respondents to the questionnaire were female, divorced, unemployed, and were receiving financial aid from the university. Single parent students appeared to have a high need for some services and a low need for others, just as they were satisfied with various existing services while being dissatisfied with others. Areas of high need included: "Student Financial Aid", "Convenient Blocks of Time for Classes", "Job Placement through Career Services upon Graduation", and "On Campus Free Parking". Current basic services which received a high evaluation were: "Admissions", "Student Financial Aid", "Registrar Services", and "Academic Advisement by Academic Advisors". The comment portion of the survey revealed a high need for a "Speedy Registration", "On Campus Free Parking", and "Convenient Blocks of Time for Classes". Basic service evaluation comments reinforced these needs along with child care concerns.
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