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Westby, Wisconsin: an early social history

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Miller, Charles John
Gilkey, George R.
MS, Education: History
Dec 08, 1975
Wisconsin.; Westby.
In doing this paper, the researcher intended to use historical data gathered on early Coon Prairie and Westby in order to write a narrative account to the community. This material would cover the background to settlement, the process of settlement itself, and significant developments in social history of the community. Intentions were to cover the years up to the beginning of the twentieth century, however, it became necessary in dealing with certain subjects, such as the histories of local churches and schools, to follow through to logical break-off points rather than stop exactly at 1900. Methods and procedures used in gathering the data were standard historical research techniques. County histories and Wisconsin histories and atlases containing material dealing with the area were consulted as were all relevant issues of the Wisconsin Magazine of History. Local church histories were used and translated as necessary. Microfilmed copies of back issues of local newspapers were extensively utilized as were available data from such sources as file clippings and pamphlets in the Westby Public Library, Vernon County Museum, Area Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and the State Historical Society Library in Madison.
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