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The effects of transdermal nicotine delivery on the cardiovascular responses to exercise

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Cadwell, Kristi
Porcari, John P.
MS, Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dec 1994
Exercise.; Physiological aspects.; Transdermal medication.; Physiological effect.; Nicotine.
This study examined the cardiovascular (CV) responses to exercise while wearing a transdermal nicotine patch. Fifteen apparently healthy volunteers (6M,9F: x age = 36.3 yrs, X ht = 168.5 cm, X wt = 75.5 kg) who wanted to quit smoking served as subjects. Each subject completed 3 symptom limited GXTs utilizing the Bruce protocol. The tests were completed on the initial quit day (PRE), 2 weeks later (2WK) while wearing the 21 mg Nicoderm patch, and 6 weeks after quitting (6WK) while still wearing the 21 mg Nicoderm patch. HR, SBP, and DBP were recorded at rest, at the end of each 3 minute stage, and at maximal exertion. No significant differences (p > . 0 5 ) were found in the resting, submaximal, or maximal CV responses to exercise while wearing the Nicoderm patch. No adverse ECG changes were observed. There were significant increases (p < .05) in maximal ventilation, maximal tidal volume, and maximal oxygen consumption over the 6 week period. Thus it appears that exercising while wearing the 21 mg Nicoderm patch does not alter the CV responses to exercise in apparently healthy adults, and smoking cessation results in favorable changes in ventilatory function and aerobic capacity, independent of training.
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