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    • Art as an Expressive Therapy for Adolescents 

      Forslund, Haley (2012)
      Nobody can imagine their life as full and beautiful without art. Art is beauty, play, creation, imagination, expression, inspiration and intuition. I believe that artists express their emotional world through creativity. ...
    • Art Therapy with Children 

      Petersburg, Jonathan W. (2012)
      Therapy with children serves as a great healing tool because it allows the child to recreate what is in their mind onto paper. Children struggle with expressing themselves verbally and this paper will show the process of ...
    • Art Therapy with the Developmentally Disabled 

      West, Lacie (2012)
      Art Therapy with the Developmentally Disabled
    • Bloody Savages/White Invaders: Images of the Other in Non-Native and Native Art 

      Ellis, Matthew Sean (2011)
      Europeans, from the time of their first arrival in the Americas, documented the New World inhabitants and their "strange" customs via drawings, etchings, and paintings. These invariably inaccurate and stereotypical images ...
    • Formal Exhibition 

      Deterling, Brianna June (2013-05-17)
      This paper examines surface and glaze exploration within ceramic sculpture. By using wheel and hand building techniques to make the foundation of forms, graduate student Brianna Deterling experimented with the surface and ...
    • The Hopi Katsina Art and Ritual: Preserving a People of Peace 

      Ploeger, Anndrea Dorothea (2012)
      This thesis examines the visual culture of the Hopi through Katsinam. The Hopi have survived for thousands of years by maintaining their cultural traditions through their relationships with Katsinam. Katsinam are ...
    • Pieces: the Women of Nauvoo 

      Hansen, Sue Frances (2013-06-04)
      This art installation commemorates the experience of Mormon pioneer women who helped to build, lived in, and were eventually expelled from the city of Nauvoo, Illinois in the mid nineteenth century. It consists of oil ...
    • Spiritualty in Modern Art 

      Rulofson, Chelsea Ann (2010)
      This thesis includes the interpretation of art as a religious device in early history that was essentially, exclusively used within the context of spirituality. Art from around the world reveals the deep roots between ...
    • Venus Anadyomene: The Mythological Symbolism from Antiquity to the 19th Century 

      Newberry, Jenna Marie (2011)
      This thesis includes reading the chosen artworks as a visual interpretation of the written mythological birth of Venus by the sea. Reading the selected painting as visual novels, the pictorial symbolism helps prove or ...