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Compass 2005 data analysis and reporting

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Adams, Teresa M.; Juni, Emil
Midwest Regional University Transportation Center
Jul 2006
Highway maintenance; Winter maintenance; Bridges; Data analysis; Road shoulders; Pavements; Trend (Statistics); Wisconsin; Traffic signs
This report is intended for operations managers in WisDOT and partner organizations. It is issued annually to provide information on the condition of Wisconsin's State highways. The first section of this report is an executive overview and has been issued in a slightly condensed version to executive managers in WisDOT. Both documents are available on the Compass website. The information in these reports is being used to help understand trends and conditions, prioritize resources, and set target future condition levels for our highway system. As more information is gathered, it will also be used to illustrate and understand the consequences of funding and policy shifts, and to demonstrate accountability to decision-makers at WIsDOT and the legislature. Please consider the information not contained in this report when using it to make decisions. This report includes measures of bridges, traveled way, shoulders, drainage, roadside, selected traffic devices, and selected aspects of winter. It does not include measures of preventive maintenance, operational services (like traveler information and incident management), or electrified traffic assets (like signals and lighting).
82 p.
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