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Under what beliefs and knowledge do parents answer the question not to vaccinate?

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Baade, Lindsey E
Westphal, Judith
MS, Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner
May 2011
Vaccines - Health aspects; Parents - Attitudes; Immunization of infants; Immunization of children
Many misconceptions are publicized about immunizations. The factors and influences that parents cite for not immunizing their children are important to know and understand as family practice providers in order to provide education on credible sources of benefits and risks of immunization. The purpose of this study was aimed at identifying parental beliefs and understanding toward immunization. Further, this study anticipated to identify immunization implications and practice guidelines for the advanced practice nurse (APN). This phenomenological qualitative study used semi-structured interview questions through snowball sampling to delve into the reasons parents oppose immunization. While parents affirmed several reasons for not vaccinating their children, the three major congruent themes were the body knows best, toxic consequences, and balancing act. The conclusions drawn from this study indicate that parents who do not vaccinate their children believe that a healthy body, free of toxins, will build natural immunity to fight off disease. Implications for APNs include providing parents with credible information, as well as providing parents with information on vaccine preventable diseases. Implications for future research include re-interviewing these parents to see if they were at all affected by their decision not immunize.
A Clinical paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a degree of Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner
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