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HIPERPAV Wisconsin implementation support phase IIa and phase IIb. final report

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Xu, Qinwu; Dick, Jason C.; Rasmussen, Robert O.; Chang, George K.; Ruiz, J. Mauricio
Wisconsin Highway Research Program
Jun 2008
High performance concrete; Field tests; Computer programs; Concrete pavements; Road construction; Setting (Concrete); Wisconsin; Implementation; Climate; Hydration; Laboratory tests
HIPERPAV Wisconsin is a software product developed for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that includes local conditions and materials typically used in Wisconsin. It is believed that by implementing the HIPERPAV Wisconsin software into daily construction practices, concrete pavements will be built with higher quality, at a lower cost, and with increased long-term performance. Similarly, the HIPERPAV Wisconsin software will serve as a tool to educate new personnel on the behavior of concrete pavements as a function of climatic conditions and construction operations. Implementation efforts have been initiated to make the most out of this customization effort including a series of workshops throughout the state. In addition, in this project, the following implementation tasks were accomplished: 1. HIPERPAV predictions of time of set for Class C fly ash paving mixtures in Wisconsin were evaluated through field and laboratory testing and the time of set factor was calibrated from the findings in this work. 2. HIPERPAV Wisconsin implementation support tasks also included addressing technical issues and answering questions on the use of the software and broadcasting a newsletter to HIPERPAV users. 3. In addition, the HIPERPAV Wisconsin software was modified to include a time of placement simulation tool for automated analysis of multiple placement times and hydration inputs from semi-adiabatic calorimetry for improved thermal predictions.
54 p.
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