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Bridge integrated analysis and decision support system: case histories phase I

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Dudek, John; Ghorbanpoor, Al
Wisconsin Highway Research Program
Aug 2007
Case studies; Wisconsin; Collisions; Decision support systems; Databases; Computer program documentation; Fire; Emergency management; Scour; Bridges; Disaster preparedness
This report presents a database of case histories of incidents due to impact, fire and scour for sixteen bridges in Wisconsin. It is intended to expand and use such case history and other relevant data in a future study to develop a decision support system. Such decision support system can aid bridge engineers take appropriate actions when rapid response is required in emergency cases such as major bridge damage or failure. The case history information presented here was assembled using available archived data from various department of transportation (DOT) offices and through interviews with various active and retired staff of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Districts and the City of Milwaukee. Each case history document includes information regarding any associated event, remediation, and past repair and maintenance. Essential structural and geometric data are also included with each case history document. As a part of this study, incident response procedures for WisDOT and the City of Milwaukee were developed through consultation with appropriate staff of those offices. The database is searchable with keywords and can be accessed through the web. User manuals for both users and system administrators are included in the report.
160 p.
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