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    • Dick Bezanson Oral History Interview 

      Patterson, Kelsey; Guerra, Wendy; Bezanson, Dick (2012-03-06)
      This oral history interview with Dick Bezanson details his childhood and adolescent experiences with Eau Claire, Wisconsin baseball combined with specific descriptions of his father's involvement with the Eau Claire Bears, ...
    • Dr. Jeff Jones Oral History Interview 

      Theiste, Todd; Clark, Benjamin; Jones, Jeff, Dr. (2012-03-17)
      Dr. Jeff Jones played college baseball with the Eau Claire Blugolds varsity baseball team and was the original Founder/Owner of the Eau Claire Express Baseball Team. Dr. Jones of Eau Claire, Wisconsin discussed his early ...
    • Gay Republican in the American Culture War: Wisconsin Congressman Steve Gunderson, 1989-1996 

      O'Connell, Jordan (2011-04)
      The intent of this research paper is to create a biographical narrative, using previously unemployed primary sources and various secondary accounts, which finds meaning in Wisconsin Representative Steve Gunderson's convoluted ...
    • Howard White Oral History Interview 

      Gasper, Johanna; Ritter, Michelle; White, Howard (2012-03-12)
      Howard White has a wealth of information from watching his grandfather Herman D. White, Eau Claire's "Mr. Baseball". The interview with Mr. White took place on March 12, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. The questions that were covered ...
    • An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Urban Streetscape of Budapest's Andrassy Ut 

      Struve, Matt; Herkert, Emily; Babb, Mandy; Koser, Jessica; Zeitler, Ezra; Oberly, Jim; Stratton, Clare; Yeager, Courtney; Sadeghpour, Mitra; Osborn, Trace; Blue, Amanda; Paladini, Alexis; Franz, Bridgett; Niestrom, Kate; Turkowitch, Allison; Lee, Yan Lin; Beu, Kate (2015-04-30)
      As Budapest's most prominent boulevard, Andrassy Ut (Andrassy Way) exhibits a variety of urban land uses designed to showcase Hungarian history and culture and provide modern housing and leisure amenities for the city's ...
    • Jerry Poling Oral History Interview 

      Herold, Kelly; Sturz, Christopher; Kintner, Robin; Poling, Jerry (2012-03-15)
      Jerry Poling is the author of the book, A Summer Up North, and has been involved with much research and work on baseball in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Mr. Poling discusses what prompted him to write his book, the love of ...
    • Know Your Rights: Publishing and Author Agreements 

      Kocken, Gregory J.; Wical, Stephanie H. (2011-10-27)
    • Lou Kassera Oral History Interview 

      Helt, Victoria; Kassera, Lou (2012-03-27)
      Lou Kassera has previously been a member of the Eau Claire Baseball History Committee. He is best known as being an announcer for the Eau Claire Braves and Eau Claire Bears games. He has also served on the Eau Claire ...
    • Mark Faanes Oral History Interview 

      Bystedt, Sam; Moore, Charity; Faanes, Mark (2012-03-12)
      Mark Faanes discusses his involvement in baseball in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, from watching his dad play in the local adult leagues to his own experience as coach and manager of the Eau Claire American Legion Team.
    • Neil Hanson Oral History Interview 

      Borowski, Katie; Ferris, Craig; Hanson, Neil (2012-03-19)
      The interview with Neil Hanson discusses what his summer was like growing up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and what memories he had surrounding the Bears/Braves. Mr. Hanson mentions a few players who played in Eau Claire: Hank ...
    • The Origin of the Blugold 

      Keating-Hadlock, Lark (2009-03-01)
      Ms. Keating-Hadlock discusses the origin of the term Blugold at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, as well as the ongoing debate of whether an image of the Blugold should be officially recognized by the University as ...
    • Phil Fieber Oral History Interview 

      Rindo, Lindsey; Fick, Dustin; Fieber, Phil (2012-03-01)
      Phil Fieber is the head of Eau Claire Parks and Recreation. He was the radio voice of the Eau Claire Braves for five years, from 1955-1960. He was instrumental in procuring the Hank Aaron statue for Carson Park. Mr. Fieber ...
    • Reference Communities: Applying the Community of Practice Concept to Development of Reference Knowledge 

      Miller, Robin E. (2011-06)
      Communities of practice offer reference librarians a conceptual model through which to develop and maintain general and subject specific knowledge. Reference librarians acquire general and subject-specific knowledge in ...
    • Scott Biederman Oral History Interview 

      Pelant, Nick; Biederman, Scott (2012-03-26)
      Scott Biederman managed the Eau Claire Bear semi-professional baseball team for many years and won several state WBA state titles. In this interview, Mr. Biederman discusses baseball in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, from Little ...