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Lisowe, Shannon
May 16, 2011
CAWST; biosand filter; biosand filters in Kenya
The lack of safe potable water is a serious problem all around the world. We are addressing this problem in a small rural community in Kenya called Orongo. The biosand filter project seeks to provide inexpensive and sustainable access to clean water through the start-up of a biosand filter business to be run by Mr. Amos Omondi Oyoo and the Buoye Quarry Youth Group. After coming to understand Orongo?s current water situation and the serious health implications that result from a lack of clean water, we concluded that biosand filters will be the most effective way to address the issue because they only require an initial start-up cost, they are easy to operate and maintain, and they are effective in removing most infection-causing pathogens. In addition to the health benefits that will result, the project will serve as an example of how to improve the economy in Orongo through entrepreneurial activities. We plan to work with the student organization, Engineers Without Borders, our advisor, Norm Doll, and the Buoye Quarry Youth Group Community Based Organization, to further analyze the water situation in Orongo, develop business and education plans, and travel to Orongo for implementation of the filters. Successful completion of this project will leave the entire village of Orongo with access to potable water in a way that will be sustainable. It will also allow us to utilize our resources at the university to learn more about sustainable development and share our knowledge with a community who is in need.
Engineers Without Borders UW-Madison/Kenya Project
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