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CareVoyant patient portal

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Perkinian, Vinoth
Apr 2010
Application software -- Development.; Medical records -- Data processing.
Information technology (IT) has the potential to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare applications by providing new methods and techniques to healthcare providers and patients to readily access and use health information. Both private and public sectors have engaged in numerous efforts to promote the use of IT within healthcare institutions and across all areas where healthcare is provided. Some of these efforts include developing and promoting industry-wide standards, funding research to investigate the impact of IT on quality, and providing incentives that encourage investment in IT. CareVoyant is a software company that develops software solutions for healthcare applications. The purpose of this project is to develop a web-based application called CareVoyant Patient Portal that will work seamlessly with CareVoyant integrated application suite. The portal was developed to provide exposure to patient related healthcare information through web to patients and responsible parties. Through the patient portal, enterprises that use CareVoyant integrated application suite will be able to authorize their patients and responsible parties (guarantors) to gain access to their information such as demographic, financial, and clinical information. In addition, the user interface for this project has been developed in such a way that the application can be dynamically configured or modified to add or remove functionalities without modifying the code or redeploying the application. This feature introduced a new concept of advanced user interface design which also added a marketing value to the product.
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