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Monitoring and evaluation of the EWB-UW biosand filter project in Kenya

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Davis, Claire
May 2011
Non-governmental organizations like Engineers Without Borders (EWB) face the challenge of finding the best strategy for implementing projects that combine charity and sustainability. Our implementation of biosand filters in rural Kenya provided students in EWB-UW an opportunity to learn about these challenges and make conclusions about what is the best way to incorporate new technology and community health education into a project that fosters business concepts and independence. Successful collaboration with a group of ambitious locals, business design for AFGO Filters, and construction of the steel mold necessary for filter construction supports the idea that projects can be established to help communities ?help themselves.? Plans for long-term monitoring and evaluation will provide more evidence or lack thereof to the success of the project in terms of its social and technical implications. This information is advantageous to students and groups trying to establish projects in developing countries.
Engineers Without Borders UW-Madison/Kenya Project
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