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Intensity thresholds for post exercise hypotension

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Smelker, Christy
Foster, C.
MS, Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dec 2002
Hypotension; Exercise - Physiological aspects; Hypertension - Exercise therapy
Hypertension is a risk factor for heart disease that responds to both acute and chronic exercise. This study evaluates the effects of different exercise intensities on post exercise hypotension in hypertensive subjects. Subjects (N = 10) were healthy, mildly hypertensive individuals. Each performed a maximal test to allow for intensity prescription, then completed four randomly ordered 120min exercise trials and one control trial. The exercise trials consisted of 25 min cycling at 70, 80, 90, or 100% of the V02 at the ventilatory threshold (VT) (e.g. quite easy to rather hard). Blood pressure was measured at 0,30,60,90 and 120 minutes of each trial. There was a significant (~50.05) reduction in systolic blood pressure at 3(~6, 0,90 and 120 min for 100%V f, at 60,90 and 120 min for 90%VT, at 90 and 120 min for 80%VT and at 120 min for 70%VT. There was co change with diastolic blood pressure. Mean arterial pressure was significantly reduced at 60,90 and 120 min for 90%VT and at 60 and 90 min of 100%VT. We conclude that exercise acutely lowers blood pressure in mildly hypertensive individuals and that a higher intensity exercise session may have a greater effect.
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