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Handrail assisted versus nonhandrail assisted StairMaster Gauntlet ergometry

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Gerhards, Marty D.
Butts, N.
MS, Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehab
StairMaster Gauntlet (Exercise machine); Step aerobics - Physiological aspects; Physical fitness for men - Testing
This study was designed to determine if sig diff existed in physiological responses (VO2 ,Ve, METS, R, kcal, HR, and RPE) between handrail assisted (HA) and nonhandrail assisted (NHA) StairMaster Gauntlet (SG) exercise tests on the SG. Twenty males, ages 21-30, performed 2 exercise tests on the SG. The tests consisted of 4, 4 min stages, representing the SG's predicted MET values of 8, 11, 14, and 17, for each of the handrail assisted conditions. Expired gases were analyzed with the Quinton Q-Plex I and HRs were monitored with UNIQCIC heartwatches. Individual ANOVAs revealed sig (p < . 0 5 ) higher values for the NHA method for oxygen consumption (VO METS, kcal) and VE. Variables not exhibiting sig (p < .05f*dif f included HR, R, and RPE. Individual t-tests revealed that values obtained for oxygen consumption were sig (p < .01) higher under the NHA condition for all stages of testing. VE and RPE values were sig (p < .01) higher under the NHA condition for stages 3 and 4 of the tests. Values representing R were sig (p c -01) higher for the NHA condition for stage 4 only. No sig (p > .01) diff were observed between conditions for HR. The SG's estimated MET levels sig (p c .ol) overestimated actual MET expenditure when compared to the HA condition in stages 2 through 4. The NHA condition resulted in a sig (p < .01) overestimation of MET levels during Stage 1, but not for Stages 2 through 4, when compared to the SGts estimated MET levels. Further studies are needed to evaluate the possible inherent differences among sexes and fitness levels in regard to hand support variations on the StairMaster Gauntlet and 4000 PT.
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