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A Comparison of the Yellow Springs Instruments and the AccusportTM portable lactate analyzer for measuring blood lactate in cold environments

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Franklin, Jodi
Foster, C.
MS, Exercise and Sport Science-Human Performance
May 2000
Accusport; Blood lactate; Cold - Physiological effect; Cycling - Physiological aspects.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the validity of the AccusportTM portable blood lactate analyzer in cold environments as compared to a reference method (Yellow Springs Instruments enzyme electrode system [YSI]). It was hypothesized that the AccusportTM would not be accurate in cold environments (cold 1 = 5-10 degrees C and cold 2 = < O degrees C). Subjects consisted of male and female well-trained non-athletes. A V02 max test, as well as 2 additional tests were performed on an electrically braked cycle ergometer. Blood lactate and heart rates were measured using both the YSI and AccusportTM at rest and during the last 30 seconds of each testing stage. Blood samples of > 50 pl were drawn from the fingertip and separated for analysis. A 25 p1 sample was transferred to a buffer tube for YSI analysis in the lab at room temperature. The additional 25 p1 sample was drawn for AccusportTM an analysis under room temperature, cold 1, and cold 2 conditions. There was a consistent relationship between BL concentrations measured using the AccusportTM in all temperature environments measured in this study. However, BL concentrations achieved using the AccusportTM were about 25% greater than the reference method.
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