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    • Discrete 

      Lee, Karlaya (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2016-04)
      A colleague once described my work as “sophisticated glitter.” The idea that glitter, which is a cheap material and considered kitsch, may be transformed into sophistication, has compelled me to create works of art ...
    • Reconfiguration 

      Russell, Mia (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      With an initial concept and visual in mind, each finished work transforms from what I imagined or intended to express at the start. I work in a series of layers, responding to each layer as I consider how each decision ...
    • Skin deep 

      McHenry, Carley (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      Through figurative narratives, my paintings illustrate elements of the human experience. Specifically, my work brings attention to the disconnect between human beings and their physical and psychological existence. Using ...