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    • Adoptive parent attitudes toward their children with disabilities 

      Marciniak, Andrew.; Sinz, Stacy. (2009)
      Adoption and child service agencies are overwhelmed with available children, and those with disabilities make up a disproportionate percentage. This nonrandom pilot study investigated attitudes about the adoption of ...
    • Parental assimiliation of internationally adopted children 

      Helin, Tarisa; Maier, Candice (2010)
      International adoption has been increasing in the United States since the 1970's (Grotevant, Gunnar, Hellerstedt, Johnson, Lee, & Madsen, 2007). The purpose of this exploratory pilot study was to examine the attitudes of ...
    • The US adoption system: media depictions and why they are ignored 

      Quilling, Alyssa (2012)
      This study investigated the U.S. adoption system, media influence, and welfare spending. It was undertaken to understand how the media frames adoption and the U.S. adoption system and how certain factors influence how ...