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    • Hostage 

      Bamman, Jessica (2006)
      Society has an obligation to acknowledge social injustice in order to motivate action. In my drawings, I subtly portray domestic abuse showing how the action affects the victim's psychological state. Through the process ...
    • Do men deserve more credit? A study on gender and caregiving 

      Preimesberger, Colleen; Midthun, Kayla (2006)
      Care for the elderly population in the United States is fast becoming an issue many families are facing. This study investigated the relationship between gender and willingness of college students to care for aging parents ...
    • Variety series 

      Kasinskas, Valerie (2006)
    • Blow out, flight, untitled 

      Walley, Emily A. (2006)
    • Functional foods: a comparison of blueberry muffin ingredients 

      Kaspar, Kerrie L.; Majoni, Sandra. (2006)
      Functional foods have increasingly gained attention regarding their ability to reduce the onset of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease. The objectives of this study were the following: 1) to evaluate blueberry ...
    • Molecular analysis of grashopper populations to aid in prairie restoration efforts 

      Stodola, Levi.; Hurtgen, Brady. (2006)
      Although the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and nongovernment organizations have invested heavily in prairie restoration over the past decade, little effort had been made to evaluate whether insect species that ...
    • Analysis of the transtheoretical model of behavior change 

      Lenio, James A. (2006)
      The focus of this paper is on the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change (TTM). A description of the model, the applications toward modifying health behavior, and the model's criticisms will all be examined. Through ...
    • Iris recognition: a general overview 

      Horst, Jesse (2006)
      This article reviewed the literature regarding iris recognition. The process of iris recognition is discussed in the context of the mathematical principles that underlie this procedure. Possible applications for iris ...
    • Responsibility: where does generation Y stand? 

      Butler, Mary; Beranek, Nathan (2006)
      Society perceives Generation Y as being irresponsible. This study investigated the attitudes of Generation Y towards the development of responsibility in childhood by surveying 20 male and female college students at the ...
    • Investigation of chemical and physical properties of Southwestern Wisconsin maple syrup 

      Takano, Hiroyuki. (2006)
      Maple syrup is produced in the early spring from February through April when maple sap runs from the maple trees. It is traditionally known that the maple syrup produced from the sap in the later season tends to have a ...
    • Effects of over-scheduled children: perspectives of childcare workers 

      Kringen, Erin M.; Nagel, Amanda K. (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2006)
      This study used survey research to gather the University of Wisconsin-Stout Child and Family Study Center (CFSC) childcare workers’ perspectives regarding the effects of over- scheduling children in Menomonie,Wisconsin ...
    • Principles of peer interviewing 

      Rask, Raschel.; Smith, Laura. (2006)
      Peer interviewing is a process for hiring employees that utilizes the people within the organization to gain a more complete idea of a candidate?s appropriateness for a position. The advantages and disadvantages of this ...
    • Effects of methamphetamine use on the children of users 

      Downey, Jade. (2007)
      Methamphetamine use among users with children is becoming an epidemic in society. This study examined attitudes regarding primary caregiver methamphetamine use and the effects on their children by surveying approximately ...
    • Female students' attitudes on re-entering abusive relationships 

      Zemek, Jim.; Welbourn, Sally (2007)
      Women re-entering abusive relationships is an increasingly important issue. This study investigated female college students' attitudes on why women re-enter abusive relationships in hopes to gain a further understanding ...
    • Media ideals--unattainable to most females 

      Taylor, Amber.; Smith, Jennifer (2007)
      The images of females displayed in the media today are thinner than the images of male, thinner than media images of females in the past, than the actual female population, and than the criteria for anorexia (Schooler, ...
    • Taking action to protect UW-Stout's last remaining wetland 

      Pettis, Maxine. (2007)
      Wetlands provide many essential ecosystem functions, such as flood control, wildlife habitat, and groundwater recharge. Although wetlands in Wisconsin are protected, not all wetlands are recognized. According to the Wisconsin ...
    • Japan's recycling: more efficient than U.S.A. 

      Olmsted, John (2007)
      Recycling plays a major role in global society. Waste is a big issue and countries are struggling with ways to keep the situation under control. Japan is a model country in terms of recycling. Their efforts have surpassed ...
    • Life, death, fate and eternity 

      Banker, Matthew (2007)
    • Ultraviolet/electron beam inks modernize packaging 

      Prissel, Beth (2007)
      Ultraviolet/Electron Beam (UV/EB) technology is changing the ink industry rapidly. As the technology continually improves and expands, it will soon overpower traditional ink systems. The cost of UV/EB materials and machinery ...