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    • Who gets custody? Current perspectives of social work students 

      Zuber, Courtney L.; Adams, Kyle J. (2007)
      Society and the American family are changing, leading to an increasing amount of single parent households. This study investigated the attitudes of social work students regarding non-traditional child placement by surveying ...
    • College students' attitudes towards eating disorders in males 

      Strommer, Christina.; VanDeLoo, Joy K. (2007)
      Eating disorders are a prevalent and serious health problem in the United States. Eating disorders are generally associated with young women. However, people are less aware of eating disorders among male; thus, there are ...
    • Effects of domestic versus exotic animals on stress reduction 

      Mikl, Amanda. (2007)
      The use of animals as a therapeutic tool is becoming a more widely studied concept. Researches are finding that animals tend to have positive effects on people. The effect of animal pictures on stress reduction was examined ...
    • Life, death, fate and eternity 

      Banker, Matthew (2007)
    • Potential pathogens in the school environment 

      Wang, Zhicong (2007)
      Pathogenic microorganisms are potent threats to school health. In this experiment, Colony Forming Unit (a viable bacterial colony count) samplings were taken, in various regions of a school, of microorganisms (Staphylococcus ...
    • Untitled seascape 

      Mann, Charlotte (2007)
    • Waiting until after college graduation to marry 

      Emerson, Christopher.; Fankhauser, Amanda. (2007)
      This study used survey research to capture the attitudes of 25 Midwestern university students on waiting until after college graduation to get married. Results indicate that participants feel that waiting until after college ...
    • Taking action to protect UW-Stout's last remaining wetland 

      Pettis, Maxine. (2007)
      Wetlands provide many essential ecosystem functions, such as flood control, wildlife habitat, and groundwater recharge. Although wetlands in Wisconsin are protected, not all wetlands are recognized. According to the Wisconsin ...
    • Separation eternal 

      Tesar, Darren (2007)
    • Effects of methamphetamine use on the children of users 

      Downey, Jade. (2007)
      Methamphetamine use among users with children is becoming an epidemic in society. This study examined attitudes regarding primary caregiver methamphetamine use and the effects on their children by surveying approximately ...
    • High school counselors' influence 

      Logan, Katie.; O'Donnell, Katey (2007)
      Many college freshmen feel they are inadequately prepared to enter college due to a lack of guidance from their high school counselors. This study investigated comparative attitudes about the influence of school counselors ...
    • A linguistic study: "soda" and "pop" in Wisconsin and Minnesota 

      Thiel, Katie.; Sleep, Heidi (2007)
      The following linguistic research study was performed to discover language patterns in association with the terms "pop" and "soda." Research was conducted through guided conversation with the subjects. Findings revealed ...
    • Family support: what it means to male inmates 

      Fournelle, Leigh-Anna.; Hofferber, Staci. (2008)
      Family support for incarcerated individuals is an important issue that receives little consideration in society even though it may be one of the greatest factors for change in the jail system for combating recidivism rates. ...
    • Discipline and intergenerational transmission 

      Bub, Samantha.; Snyder, Aria (2008)
      The disciplinary practices that parents use on their own children affect the child throughout his or her life and influence the discipline that they plan to use with their children. This study investigated attitudes about ...
    • Elements of community visioning: a perspective 

      Murphy, Bridget.; Summer White Eagle. (2008)
      Visioning has found success for individuals, organizations and communities as an intervention for change. This process is used as a catalyst for change that involves all stakeholders. Although visioning has some disadvantages, ...
    • Nutrition, activity, and health status of elementary children 

      Rasmussen, Diane. (2008)
      Obesity is a global concern with an alarming increase in the rate of overweight children. National statistics indicate that 18.8% of children are overweight. (Centers for Disease Control, 2004; 2007b). Limited data exists ...
    • Survey of vocational evaluators' assistive technology and usage 

      McCarthy, Amanda K. (2008)
      Technology is a major part of the world today. For Americans without disabilities, technology makes tasks easier. For Americans with disabilities, technology makes things possible. Without consideration of technology during ...