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      Larson, Sean (2010)
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      Rudolph, Alec (2013)
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      Gruetzmacher, Adam (2010)
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      Van Note, Kiley (2010)
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      Mann, Charlotte (2007)
    • The US adoption system: media depictions and why they are ignored 

      Quilling, Alyssa (2012)
      This study investigated the U.S. adoption system, media influence, and welfare spending. It was undertaken to understand how the media frames adoption and the U.S. adoption system and how certain factors influence how ...
    • Using a consumer matrix model to determine the voice of student bodies 

      Riha, Tamara (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      This paper provides an introduction to a “voice of the student” methodology as it is applied to higher education students’ needs and wants. The methodology is a modification that simplifies the normal, commercial QFD ...
    • Using light to create perceptual experiences in space and wayfinding 

      Todd, Katherine (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      Although ephemeral, light can visually be read as a physical form becoming a material to be utilized by architects and artists. The Light and Space Movement has brought forth an awareness of our psychological and ...
    • Variety series 

      Kasinskas, Valerie (2006)
    • Vegetation biodiversity response to excessive flooding in permanent and ephemeral wetlands 

      Genrich, Connor (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, 2017-04)
      Ephemeral wetlands vary greatly in water depth and animal diversity in a highly dynamic habitat. The vegetation response of these wetlands to flooding in comparison to their more permanent counterparts is poorly understood. ...
    • Visible body modification in hiring practices 

      Aspen, Stephanie.; Barrett, Melita (2009)
      Due to increasing competition for jobs, employers are able to select from a large pool of candidates. A tattooed person may experience negative social consequences, including negative perceptions because of tattoos and ...
    • Visible body modifications and future employment 

      Brabant, Whitney; Mizer, Alicia (2010)
      It is important to investigate male and female college students' perceptions on visible body modifications (VBM) in relation to future employment given the uncertain economy and how VBM can be a risk factor in obtaining ...
    • VMware virtualiztion and software development 

      Cloutier, Mark. (2008)
      Virtualization technology has recently matured to the point where it can be used dependably on a daily basis by anyone. Computer virtualization is the idea of running virtual computer(s) inside of a physical host computer. ...
    • Waiting until after college graduation to marry 

      Emerson, Christopher.; Fankhauser, Amanda. (2007)
      This study used survey research to capture the attitudes of 25 Midwestern university students on waiting until after college graduation to get married. Results indicate that participants feel that waiting until after college ...
    • Wet prairie restoration methods affect species richness and transplant survival 

      Bernier, Callie (2013)
      Urbanization and modification of landscapes has led to a decrease in native wet prairies and caused a decline in species richness due to competitive, invasive plant monotypes. We investigated site preparation and planting ...
    • Who gets custody? Current perspectives of social work students 

      Zuber, Courtney L.; Adams, Kyle J. (2007)
      Society and the American family are changing, leading to an increasing amount of single parent households. This study investigated the attitudes of social work students regarding non-traditional child placement by surveying ...
    • Why don't more student athletes study abroad? 

      Watson-Hall, Javante (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, 2017-04)
      This research focused on why student athletes tend to not studying abroad. Student athletes at the University of Wisconsin-Stout were asked to take a survey concerning why had they not gone abroad throughout their time ...
    • WhyReef: a virtual, educational program analysis 

      Jolin, Cody S. (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      During the summer of 2012, The Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH) began a collaborative project with the University of Wisconsin - Stout in order to analyze the effectiveness of the museum’s WhyReef program. WhyReef, ...
    • World may never know: unwrapping the mystery of the tootsie pop 

      Schmidt, Tyler T. (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      There is a surprising amount of research available on the number of licks it takes to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop (Zyra, 1996; Waksman, 2009; Tootsie Roll Industries, n.d.). Yet, many of these studies have a large ...