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    • Reconfiguration 

      Russell, Mia (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      With an initial concept and visual in mind, each finished work transforms from what I imagined or intended to express at the start. I work in a series of layers, responding to each layer as I consider how each decision ...
    • Relationship between achievement goals and psychological flow 

      Michels, Logan (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between psychological flow and achievement goals. Although both constructs have been studied extensively, only minimal attention has been focused on understanding the ...
    • The relationship between age, gender, and hedonic hunger 

      Ewoldt, Jason (2012)
      Hedonic hunger is the subjective feelings and urges of hunger in periods of prolonged food deprivation. The purpose of this study was to determine if hedonic eating changes throughout the lifecycle and if there are ...
    • Relationship between Facebook and body esteem comparing college women 

      Hau, Greta; Molly, Crabb (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      As of March 2013, Facebook recorded having 1.11 billion active members worldwide (Associated Press, 2013). Research reveals a staggering amount of college students are users of Facebook. Considering Facebook’s prevalence ...
    • The relationship between gender and attitudes toward marriage 

      Servaty, Lisa; Weber, Kirsten (2011)
      Marriage as a social institution is vulnerable; fewer people in western societies are marrying, and divorce rates are increasing throughout the world (Beach & Fincham 2010). The purpose of this study was to examine if there ...
    • The relationship between gender and college students' career development 

      Sauter, Brianna; Fischer, Sarah (2011)
      Although some may think they have control over their future, studies show that one of the most significant influences on career development is the exploration of the environment and the self (Adragna, 2009). The current ...
    • The relationship between gender and perceived cyber-bullying behavior 

      Fern, Jared; Weibel, Ashley (2012)
      Technology has changed the way people live, work, and socialize, including the way people bully (Akbulut, Sahin, & Eristi, 2010; Dilmac, 2009; Walker, Sockman, & Koehn, 2011). According to Walker et al. (2011), the ...
    • The relationship between vehicle ownership and quality of life for low income households 

      Herrem, Shiloh (2013)
      Transportation difficulties are consistently cited by low-income individuals as an obstacle to achieving financial sustainability (Anderson & Van Hoy, 2006; Brabo, Kilde, Pesek-Herriges, Quinn, & Sanderud-Nordquist, ...
    • Reshoring: impact on the U.S. economy 

      Wieczorek, Samantha (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      After decades of loss in manufacturing jobs, the recent trend has revealed that some production facilities are shifting their operations back into the United States. Job growth has been the focus of recent political and ...
    • Responsibility: where does generation Y stand? 

      Butler, Mary; Beranek, Nathan (2006)
      Society perceives Generation Y as being irresponsible. This study investigated the attitudes of Generation Y towards the development of responsibility in childhood by surveying 20 male and female college students at the ...
    • Rye cover crops limit alliaria petiolata growth and promote prairie restoration 

      Yang, Blia; Lee, Lucas Jr. (2013)
      Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) is a non-native invasive species that invades intact, high-quality native ecosystems, outcompeting and extirpating native plants. Important questions in ecology and applied restoration ...
    • Saudi Arabian university student cultural integration: an analysis of international student experiences and domestic student perceptions 

      Mataczynski, Michael J. (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      How can we encourage social and cultural exchange among domestic and international student populations to encourage empathy, thoughtfulness, and strong international relationships? I use mere exposure and social exchange ...
    • Seasonal trends in permanent and ephemeral wetland water chemistry 

      Gehant, Pamela A. (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      We investigated seasonal differences in pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen concentrations between permanent and ephemeral wetlands within the Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area. These chemical attributes affect ...
    • Senior thesis-ware 

      Parker, Mark (2012)
    • Separation eternal 

      Tesar, Darren (2007)
    • The seven deadly sins 

      Werner, Leah (2012)
    • Skin color and perceptions of ambiguous aggression 

      Feia, Erik; Anderson, Jane C.; Ceulemans, Pauline (2011)
      The present research examines the hypothesis that when viewing ambiguously aggressive acts, the threshold for labeling an act as violent is lower when viewing a black actor than when viewing a white actor. An ambiguously ...
    • Skin deep 

      McHenry, Carley (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      Through figurative narratives, my paintings illustrate elements of the human experience. Specifically, my work brings attention to the disconnect between human beings and their physical and psychological existence. Using ...
    • Sleep patterns and marital satisfaction 

      Skopek, Brittany; Randall, Lauren (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      With fewer people getting married and more people getting divorced in Western industrial societies, the study of marriage continues to be a topic of great interest (US Census Bureau, 2012). This current study examined ...