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    • Life, death, fate and eternity 

      Banker, Matthew (2007)
    • A linguistic study: "soda" and "pop" in Wisconsin and Minnesota 

      Thiel, Katie.; Sleep, Heidi (2007)
      The following linguistic research study was performed to discover language patterns in association with the terms "pop" and "soda." Research was conducted through guided conversation with the subjects. Findings revealed ...
    • Materialism and its discontents 

      Roskowski, Matthew (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      With the ever-growing importance placed on material objects, consumerism as a social and cultural phenomenon has become an important area of research. The growing amount of research dealing with consumerism in modern ...
    • Meaning of suffering in literature and life 

      Koester, Trever (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, 2017-04)
      Suffering is an inevitable facet of life. All around the world countless numbers of people endure suffering from violence, abuse, natural disasters, and their own vindictive and self-damaging natures. It is difficult to ...
    • Media ideals--unattainable to most females 

      Taylor, Amber.; Smith, Jennifer (2007)
      The images of females displayed in the media today are thinner than the images of male, thinner than media images of females in the past, than the actual female population, and than the criteria for anorexia (Schooler, ...
    • Metallurgical characterization of inconel-625 and waspaloy joints brazed using five Ag, Cu and Ni-base active braze alloys 

      Shoushounova, Timothiax; Kraft, Ryan T. (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      Many industrial components such as heat exchangers and gas turbines are fabricated by joining a number of simpler units into complex structures. This demands development and demonstration of robust joining technology ...
    • Minnesota prairie style: John Howe and the Menomonie public library 

      Witcher, Diana (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      This paper highlights and analyzes architect John H. Howe’s 1986 design for the Menomonie Public Library, and the preliminary designs leading up to its completion. A prolific Midwest architect in his later career; Howe ...
    • Molecular analysis of grashopper populations to aid in prairie restoration efforts 

      Stodola, Levi.; Hurtgen, Brady. (2006)
      Although the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and nongovernment organizations have invested heavily in prairie restoration over the past decade, little effort had been made to evaluate whether insect species that ...
    • Music and memory: effects of listening to music while studying in college students 

      Mensink, Michael C.; Dodge, Lara (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      Thirty-nine college students participated in an experiment that tested their memory for a text that they studied while in one of the three different auditory settings. Participants were randomly assigned to study a text ...
    • Northern Exposures 

      Clark, Jordan (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2015-04)
      This body of work draws from real spaces, nature, and the process of applying paint. This leads to me to consider spaces outside and inside, natural phenomena, time, and movement.
    • Nutrition, activity, and health status of elementary children 

      Rasmussen, Diane. (2008)
      Obesity is a global concern with an alarming increase in the rate of overweight children. National statistics indicate that 18.8% of children are overweight. (Centers for Disease Control, 2004; 2007b). Limited data exists ...
    • Optimal realignment of athletic conferences 

      Erickson, Anthony (University of Wisconsin--Stout. Research Services, 2014-04)
      This article presents a mathematical analysis of the current realignment plan for men’s, Division I, college hockey. Comparisons are made between existing alignments, proposed alignments, random alignments, and optimal ...
    • Overview of knowledge mangement in organizations 

      Huang, Yu. (2008)
      This paper looked into the knowledge management from the organizational perspective. Author introduced definition of knowledge management, explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, and three attributes of effective knowledge ...
    • Parent communication and college students' sexual attitudes 

      Thompson, Taylor; Johnson, Diona. (2009)
      The high teenage sexual activity and pregnancy rates in America are generally attributed to ineffective communication of sexual information (Mueller & Powers, 1990). Contemporary adolescents are faced with potentially ...
    • Parent peer support: impact on children with mental illness 

      Ramacher, Deb (2011)
      Parenting can be a daunting endeavor. Parenting a child with special needs can be even more challenging (Ireys, Chernoff, Stein, DeVet, & Silver, 2001). This nonrandom pilot study investigated the impact of parent peer ...
    • Parental assimiliation of internationally adopted children 

      Helin, Tarisa; Maier, Candice (2010)
      International adoption has been increasing in the United States since the 1970's (Grotevant, Gunnar, Hellerstedt, Johnson, Lee, & Madsen, 2007). The purpose of this exploratory pilot study was to examine the attitudes of ...
    • Parental attitudes towards children with perinatal HIV/AIDS 

      Schuenke, Olivia; Lee, Houa (2013)
      Living with HIV/AIDS is a unique problem because people have to deal not only with the virus itself but also with reactions from peers within their environment (Macek & Matkovic, 2005). The participants in the current ...