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Art history: learning activities for middle school students

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Egan, Dianne K. Butterfield
Norton, Robert
Apr 1986
Art -- History -- Study and teaching
Art history is one area of study that is typically omitted from most public school art curriculums. Many art programs are extremely limited and tend to be studio dominated. Art history learning activities were designed and developed to provide art students with a basic introduction to art history. The activities in the project were designed for middle school students, grades 5-8. There are 22 individual learning activities covering approximately two semesters of instruction. The activities are designed so that students can proceed at their own pace on an individualized basis or be used as a group directed supplement to classroom projects. The paper consists of a review of the literature related to the incorporation of art history in art curriculums. Objectives for each learning activity were stated. Motivational techniques, resources and student activities were cited. Readings and study sheets were written and provided for students. The program focused on four periods of history including the ancient world, the middle ages, the renaissance, and the modern world.
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