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QTH.com amateur radio web site portal

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Lindner, Timothy M.; Lindner, Robert M.
May 2010
Web site development; Radio -- Amateurs' manuals; Radio operators -- Computer network resources
This manuscript describes a web site portal destination for amateur (ham) radio operators. The portal consists of a number of web applications including a classified ad listing system, auction listing system, buyer/seller feedback system, banner advertising system and callsign look-up system with custom profiles. The current QTH.com web site is implemented using procedural code written, ported and extended multiple times leaving it brittle, inefficient and difficult to extend. This manuscript describes the entire software engineering life cycle used to completely redesign and create the web applications and web site portal of QTH.com. The new web site portal will make use of object-oriented design, code reuse, optimized code and improved database queries for optimum performance. In addition, features and functionality not currently available on the existing web site are included in this project.
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