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Overture to orioles: solo piano

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Goldin, Phyllis
Piano music; Piano compositions
Artist's statement: "The incentive to produce this recording came from The Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on the banks of the Cannon River, Red Wing, Minnesota, where I was privileged to be in residence as a jazz composer in May, 1998. I won't soon forget how unseasonably warm the month was and how spring and summer wild flowers bloomed simultaneously on the Cannon Valley Trail. In this atmosphere of abundance, during a morning walk marked by strong contrast of sunlight and shadow, three Orioles landed in a nearby tree. I stopped for a few moments to listen to their plaintive song. In an enchanted state, I captured their melody and rhythm and during the rest of my residency, completed the title composition, 'Overture to Orioles on the Cannon Valley Trail.' Friends at The Anderson Center were taken with the piece and asked if I could produce a recording. In appreciation for their confidence in my work, I offer these piano compositions. They blend my classical, folk and blues influences with an ever-increasing proclivity to jazz."--Phyllis Goldin.
Audio files containing 12 tracks of piano compositions written and performed by Phyllis Goldin. Ann Reed provides mandolin accompaniment on track 05. Mastered at Wild Audio, Minneapolis and manufactured at Noiseland Industries, Minneapolis, MN in 1999. Album cover art and table of contents is available as the attached PDF file. Table of Contents: Overture to orioles on the Cannon Valley Trail (3:44) -- Suite Colleen (3:12) -- Return to go (4:10) -- Sixplay (3:41) -- Bid you farewell (3:05) -- Sincerely, Helene (3:38) -- Spring thaw (4:49) -- She's like a swallow (4:28) -- North Pole song (4:23) -- Frog call (2:43) -- Sadie (3:02) -- Ancestry dance (3:11).
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