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    • American dream 

      Brown, Wanda (2004)
    • American eyes 

      Goldin, Phyllis (1994)
    • Amnesia 

      Brown, Wanda (1994)
    • Brides & wives 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
    • Gulf War 

      Brown, Wanda (1994)
    • Here's to you, Anita Hill 

      Goldin, Phyllis (1994)
    • In peace we journey here: piano and songs 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2006)
      Artist's statement: "With this live album, in the style of a concert performance, I present a cross section of my diverse 35 year journal of songs and compositions."--Phyllis Goldin.
    • Not foreverglades 

      Goldin, Phyllis (1994)
    • Our chance to fly 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2010)
      Audio recording and lyrics for Our Chance to Fly, a UWRF Spirit Song written and performed by Phyllis Goldin in 2010.
    • Overture to orioles: solo piano 

      Goldin, Phyllis (1999)
      Artist's statement: "The incentive to produce this recording came from The Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on the banks of the Cannon River, Red Wing, Minnesota, where I was privileged to be in residence as ...
    • Sand by sand 

      Goldin, Phyllis (1984)
      Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown's first album, Sand By Sand (1984), is a blend of piano and voices, songs of love and social issues
    • Spring thaw 

      Goldin, Phyllis (1991)
      Artist's statement: "Spring Thaw, released in 1991, includes a stunning piano solo (the title cut), continuing the 'journal in song' begun on the first album. This cassette recording represents a delightful mix of sensitivity ...
    • Tenderness 

      Brown, Wanda (2004)
    • Waiting for the dough : writings, drawings, and non-prize winning recipes 

      Brown, Wanda; Goldin, Phyllis (1997)
      Online, digitized version of the 1997, 1st edition book - Waiting for the Dough by Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown, ISBN 0965916103. The book includes 114 pages of text, art work, poetry and recipes. This digital copy was ...
    • War bride 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
    • Warlord's prayer 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
    • Winter wars 

      Brown, Wanda (1994)