Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown are a couple whose creative collaboration stems back to 1974. This collection contains a sampling of their work in several art forms, pen and ink drawings, music composition and songs, poetry, creative writing and essays. Not included as yet is Wanda’s photography portfolio in which Phyllis’ “good eye” makes an occasional appearance.

Anyone wishing to use this collection is requested to give attribution to the artists and reference the collection at MINDS@UW-River Falls Institutional Repository. To license songs or piano compositions, please email

Phyllis Goldin has been a songwriter, composer and visual artist, practically since the dawning of the age of Aquarius. A charter member of the American Composer's Forum, prolific songwriter, composer and accomplished singer and pianist, she writes music infused with a powerful political consciousness touched with love and a keen sense of humor.

In Peace We Journey Here, Goldin's 2006 CD contains 23 original songs and piano compositions. Overture To Orioles, a 1999 CD of solo piano compositions, blend her classical, folk and blues influences with an ever-increasing proclivity to jazz. Goldin was awarded composing residencies at the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in 1998, 1999 and 2001.

Her duo, GoldinBrown (with Wanda Brown), has been making music and poetry, performing to audiences in Minnesota and across the United States, since 1974.

Their first album, Sand By Sand (1984), is a blend of piano and voices, songs of love and social issues. Spring Thaw, released in 1991, includes a stunning piano solo (the title cut), continuing the "journal in song" begun on the first album. This cassette recording represents a delightful mix of sensitivity and sadness, humor and outrage. In 1993, Goldin released Strings Attached, a compact disc and cassette, in collaboration with Grammy Ballot Nominee, singer-songwriter Ann Reed. A 1999 CD, Overture to Orioles, is a collection of 12 original piano compositions performed by Phyllis in what she calls her style of jazz classique.

Goldin was commissioned to compose and perform for the soundtrack of the movie, Spirit To Spirit, Women Empowered In Recovery, produced by the Hazelden Foundation. Her song "No Straw" was selected for the soundtrack of an award-winning Canadian feature film, Famous Dead People, (1999), producer Myles Shane. Five compositions were included in a DVD produced for UW-Madison.

Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown are long-time members of Women Poets and Writers, Women Against Military Madness and Physicians for Social Responsibility. Phyllis is a psychiatrist in private practice. Wanda owns her own firm, Brown and Kirkwood: Sales Management Consulting.

Wanda Brown is an accomplished poet. Since 1974, she has been an active member of Women Poets and Writers (formerly Women Poets of the Twin Cities). She frequently presents readings of her work and was awarded writing residencies at Norcroft (1994) and the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (1999, 2001).

Wanda Brown's poems - along with Phyllis Goldin's song lyrics and pen and ink drawings - appear in the 1994 anthology, Grounds For Peace, published by Women Against Military Madness and Women Poets and Writers - and for which they worked on the Editorial Committee. This book was honored as a 1995 Best Pick in the Small Press Review.

Phyllis and Wanda co-authored the book, Waiting For The Dough: Writings, Drawings and Non-prize-winning Recipes, published in 1997. A City Pages reviewer wrote (January 21, 1998), "Waiting For The Dough defies categorization, and you have to imagine Goldin and Brown do too. ...It's an example of what creative and funky people can do when they set their minds to it. The writings are immediate and personal..."

Phyllis co-edited and wrote the forward to An Affair With My City by her father, Max Goldin, published by The Canadian Authors' Association. Her illustrations, including the cover art, adorn these books as well as an anthology, Gatherings, published by Women Poets and Writers.

Since 2005, under the auspices of the River Falls Community Arts Base, Phyllis Goldin writes a monthly column called Artsminded for the River Falls Journal.

Recent Submissions

  • Not foreverglades 

    Goldin, Phyllis (1994)
  • Amnesia 

    Brown, Wanda (1994)
  • Winter wars 

    Brown, Wanda (1994)
  • Here's to you, Anita Hill 

    Goldin, Phyllis (1994)
  • American eyes 

    Goldin, Phyllis (1994)
  • Gulf War 

    Brown, Wanda (1994)
  • Warlord's prayer 

    Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
  • War bride 

    Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
  • Brides & wives 

    Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
  • Tenderness 

    Brown, Wanda (2004)
  • American dream 

    Brown, Wanda (2004)
  • Waiting for the dough : writings, drawings, and non-prize winning recipes 

    Brown, Wanda; Goldin, Phyllis (1997)
    Online, digitized version of the 1997, 1st edition book - Waiting for the Dough by Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown, ISBN 0965916103. The book includes 114 pages of text, art work, poetry and recipes. This digital copy was ...
  • Sand by sand 

    Goldin, Phyllis (1984)
    Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown's first album, Sand By Sand (1984), is a blend of piano and voices, songs of love and social issues
  • Spring thaw 

    Goldin, Phyllis (1991)
    Artist's statement: "Spring Thaw, released in 1991, includes a stunning piano solo (the title cut), continuing the 'journal in song' begun on the first album. This cassette recording represents a delightful mix of sensitivity ...
  • In peace we journey here: piano and songs 

    Goldin, Phyllis (2006)
    Artist's statement: "With this live album, in the style of a concert performance, I present a cross section of my diverse 35 year journal of songs and compositions."--Phyllis Goldin.
  • Overture to orioles: solo piano 

    Goldin, Phyllis (1999)
    Artist's statement: "The incentive to produce this recording came from The Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on the banks of the Cannon River, Red Wing, Minnesota, where I was privileged to be in residence as ...
  • Our chance to fly 

    Goldin, Phyllis (2010)
    Audio recording and lyrics for Our Chance to Fly, a UWRF Spirit Song written and performed by Phyllis Goldin in 2010.