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Relationship between level of alcohol intake and scores on the short Michigan alcoholism screening test and academic performance

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Morris, Mark
Dosch, Margaret; Holler, Mike; Hogue, David
MS, Education - College Student Personnel
Jul 25, 1983
Drinking of alcoholic beverages; College students -- Alcohol use
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between (1) level of alcohol intake, and (2) scores on the Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (SMAST) and the Academic Performance of University Wisconsin-La Crosse Freshmen. A questionnaire was mailed to a random sample of 156 students who resided on campus and whose ACT scores could be obtained. Tabulation of the questionnaire gave each individual a SMAST score and allowed each respondent to be grouped as an Abstainer, Infrequent, Light, Moderate, or Heavy alcohol user. Nine null hypotheses were developed using available variables. Pearson?s r technique indicated no significant correlation (p < .01) between SMAST scores and Predicted GPA (based on ACT data). Attained GPA (cumulative Grade Point Average at the end of Semester II, 1982-83), or Discrepancy Score (numerical difference between Attained GPA and Predicted GPA). Analysis of variance indicated no significant differences in Mean Predicted GPA, Mean Attained GPA, or Mean Discrepancy Score among Abstainers, Infrequent, Light, Moderate, and Heavy alcohol users. When groups were sub-grouped according to sex, no significant differences were indicated. None of the proposed hypotheses were rejected by the data. No significant relationship could be determined between level of alcohol intake or scores on the SMAST and the Academic Performance of University Wisconsin-La Crosse Freshmen.
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