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Music and War: Songs of the Civil War and Their Emotional Value For Soldiers and Their Families

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Kabat, Joseph
Oberly, James Warren, 1954-
May 20, 2010
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Songs and music; Soldiers--United States--History--19th century--Social life and customs; Music--United States--History--19th century--Psychological aspects; Music--United States--History--19th century--Social aspects
This paper is a brief look at the wide variety of songs that were written during the Civil War and their importance to the soldiers of the time. Not only were they important to the soldiers, they were important in understanding the feelings and positions of people at this time. The role that songs played helped to explain what life was like to those who were unable to experience it firsthand. Soldiers were able to hear songs about their loved ones back home; and sweethearts and family members were able to glimpse the life their soldier was living while at camp, on the field, and even at death's door. It was a hard time for both civilians and soldiers, but the songs of the time helped to make it a little easier. By examining these songs and taking a closer look into the lives of the soldiers, a better understanding of the thoughts and feelings during all wars will develop.
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