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Zeibarth, Jeff; Stebar, Jeff
Sep 26, 2006
Teaching and Learning; Leadership and Governance; Student Affairs
Respondents: Alan Fish, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities, Planning, and Management, UW-Madison; and Daniel Okoli, Campus Architect, UW?Madison. Moderator: Kenneth Frazier, Interim Chief Information Officer and Director, General Library System, UW-Madison. Universities across the country, including many campuses in the University of Wisconsin System, are in the process of planning, designing, and constructing new buildings. The widespread physical change occurring on campuses nationwide provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the links between the design of a campus and its cultural, social, and learning climate. This forum features experts in campus architecture who will focus on the relationship between the purpose and building design of universities. In addition, discussants from UW-Madison will explore how these topics relate to projects on this campus. Join us for an engaging discussion of the relationship between building design and student life and learning; current trends in university building design; and the challenges of building facilities for the future.
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