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Low-Income Student Access at UW-Madison and Beyond: Problems and Solutions

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Feb 23, 2007
Access, Persistence, and Success; Finance and Economics
Levels of access and success in higher education depend on the policies pursued by colleges and universities and the characteristics of applicants, enrollees, and graduates. These often controversial issues are closely watched and heatedly debated by taxpayers, policymakers, and members of the campus community. In an effort to inform the dialogue, this forum will feature new research from a group of UW-Madison scholars and students. Sessions will focus on the individual economic returns of a UW-Madison education and determinants of the share of low-income students at four-year universities. This forum will also include a brief overview of ongoing research that examines the changing income profile of UW-Madison applicants, admitted students, enrollees, and graduates. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the findings of this research as well as its implications for UW-Madison and higher education in Wisconsin in general.
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