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A Decade of Labor Licensing at UW-Madison

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Crim, Dawn
Nov 12, 2008
In her role as the chancellor's director for community relations at UW-Madison, Dawn Crim has often been at the center of the very public and sometimes controversial issue of university labor licensing. In order to continuously improve the university's labor policy, she has traveled to other nations to learn first-hand about their garment industries and participated in discussions with a wide variety of stakeholders. Based on this experience, Crim will provide an overview of the labor licensing program at UW-Madison, including the licensing philosophies and practices that the university has developed and adopted over the last 10 years. Participants will learn about the people on campus who advise the chancellor on this issue, what external organizations help inform the licensing program, how revenues from the licensing program are distributed on campus, and how the university?s labor licensing practices compare to other institutions around the nation.
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