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Investigating an Image: The Wisconsin Indian Head

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Geniusz, Errol
Gough, Robert (Robert J.)
Indians as mascots--Wisconsin; Indians in mass media; Indians, Treatment of--Wisconsin; Indianhead Region (Wis.)
Recently, there has been much controversy over the use of Indian images as mascots for schools and professional teams around the country. One image that has been over looked and is ever so prevalent is the Wisconsin Indian head image. This image is used over much of the Northwest part of Wisconsin. The Indian head image is even used to outline the northwest part of the state of Wisconsin on many tourist maps. The Indian head image and name started back in the 1930s, but 80 years later many organizations and businesses around Wisconsin continue to use them maps and brochures to draw tourists to the area. Like mascots the Indian head continues to perpetuate stereotypes of Indians being identical people living in the past. The purpose behind this research is to learn about the history, origins, purpose, use, and possible future of the Wisconsin Indian head logo. My research consisted of going through as many magazines and pamphlets as I could to locate its beginnings and find out how it was used. I encountered obstacles finding materials relating to my topic since there has not been much research or materials written about the Wisconsin Indian head. This research seeks to answer the following questions: What is the purpose of using this logo? Besides being a method of economic development, does using the logo have negative implications? Is there some hope in the future for change?
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