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Survey of recreational book reading by fifth through eighth grade pupils in Lutheran elementary schools of the Western Wisconsin Teachers' Conference

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Raabe, James
Hyde, William; Fish, Kenneth; Young, Bernard
MS, Teaching in Elementary Education
Jul 28, 1964
Children -- Wisconsin -- Books and reading.
Statement of problem: Lutheran elementary school teachers as well as other elementary teachers need to be interested in the recreational book reading of their pupils. Beneficial guidance of the pupils in recreational reading, demands that teachers know the interests of their pupils, including those who rank at the top and the bottom of the class in achievement. The purpose of this survey was to find the interests and recreational book habits of the high-ranking and low-ranking pupils in grades five to eight in Lutheran schools of Western Wisconsin. Methods and procedures used: Schedules were administered to teachers and pupils in Lutheran schools of Western Wisconsin to determine recreational reading interests and habits. On the basis of the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills the top-ranking and bottom-ranking pupils were selected for further study. These pupils reported on books they read during a portion of the school year. Comparisons were then made between actual and expressed reading interests. Summary of findings: Fiction books were more preferred than books of non-fiction. It was found that both sexes like books which contain thrills, action, and excitement, but the sexes differ in preference of other things. Actual and expressed reading interests of both sexes are similar. Low-ranking pupils make little use of public library facilities. It was concluded that in planning school libraries teachers and administrators must more fully consider the low-ranking pupils.
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