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    • Building Staff Morale and Creating a Positive Workplace 

      Tvaurzka, Kathryn; Jennings, Eric (2012)
      Libraries often have arbitrary divisions among staff members - librarians vs. paraprofessionals, technical services vs. public services, staff vs. students, etc. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's McIntyre Library ...
    • Quick and Dirty Library Promotions That Really Work 

      Tvaruzka, Kathryn; Jennings, Eric (2010-09)
      The University of Wisconsin?Eau Claire?s McIntyre Library promotes the library and its services in various ways. Over the past few years, the library has used inexpensive, quick to develop marketing tools to establish ...
    • Using Lesson Study to Integrate Information Literacy Throughout the Curriculum 

      Vogh, Bryan S.; Kishel, Hans; Jennings, Eric; VanWormer, Arin; Sperstad, Rita; Stombaugh, Angie (2013-07)
      The purpose of this article is to describe the process of developing an information literacy curriculum for a cohort of students over a 5 semester nursing program using lesson study. The overall goal was to enable undergraduate ...