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A Case Study in Wealth Distribution: The Evolution of Economic Prosperity and Wealth in Prairie du Chien

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Moss, Starr; Marcus, Clare; Johnsen, Erik; Barron, Matt
Mar 30, 2009
Prosperity; Wealth; Prairie du Chien
Historically, Prairie du Chien has played a significant role as a distributor of wealth and goods throughout the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. The railroad became one of the most important means of transportation of goods throughout the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, and the economic success of the city is defined by the foundation of the railroad in Prairie du Chien. From the city's humble beginnings as a fur trade and military outpost to present day, significant changes in the distribution of wealth between local neighborhoods have taken place. This analysis of Prairie du Chien will focus on themes related to census data, railroad infrastructure, economic patterns, transportation technology and personal accounts.
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