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Athletic-care for coaches: providing appropriate prevention, recognition, and management of athletic-related injuries and conditions

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Fall, Stephanie
Gilmore, Gary; Rees, Keely
MS, Public-Health Community Health Education
Jul 2009
Sports injuries -- Treatment.; Sports injuries -- Prevention.; Coaches (Athletics) -- Training of.
Millions of student-athletes of all age ranges participate in a variety of athletic activities each year in the United States. Participating in athletic activities offers a wide range of health benefits, including physical, social, and psychological, but is accompanied by athletic-related injuries and conditions. Injury potential indicates the need for implementation of effective prevention strategies and increased care quality available to student-athletes. In the absence of certified athletic trainers, coaches assume the responsibility to provide appropriate healthcare. Coaches need the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the care for which they are held responsible. The Athletic-Care for Coaches clinic presents knowledge, develops skills, and builds understanding of basic first-aid care for athletic-related injuries and conditions, providing an opportunity for continued advancement in care by coaches. Topics presented in the clinic remain within scope of practice of a basic first-aid provider and include: a coach's role; injury prevention, recognition, and management; return-to-play criteria; universal precautions; lighting safety; equipment; and emergency action plan development. The purpose of the clinic is to assist coaches in making safe, objective decisions regarding the care of student-athletes. After completion, coaches should be able to implement prevention strategies, and recognize and manage athletic-related injuries and conditions.
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