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A History of Religion and Churches in Prairie du Chien

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Mejač, Matthew; Geary, Alicia Torres; Beuche, Sean; Bean, Andrew
May 12, 2009
Religion; Churches; Prairie du Chien
Examining the lower third of the Wisconsin Riverway is an effective way to contextualize the complex development mechanisms our State and Nation, in general, have employed to progress throughout time. Specifically, the unique case of Prairie du Chien, the city at the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, can be analyzed to show that historical progress is anything but predictable, and that its important position along the passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River defines its historical growth and development. One of the most exceptional impacts of Prairie du Chien's location is the influence it had on the foundation, adoption, and proliferation of religion among the expanding community. It is the goal of this article to address the various and unique factors contributing to the establishment of the many religious communities and institutions in Prairie du Chien, and through evaluating a range of historical documents, including texts, periodicals, diaries, census reports, photographs, and personal interviews, we will answer the questions: how was the growth of Prairie du Chien associated with the establishment of religious institutions, and to what extent has that religious community influenced the modern Prairie du Chien.
Color photographs.
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