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    • Choosing the Right Pond: What are Appropriate Comparison Cities for Wisconsin's Metropolitan Areas? 

      Lopez, Yeri; Scholz, John Karl (2007)
      Using per-capita income, the authors rank Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and Appleton/Fox River Valley against their 10 closes comparison metropolitan statistical areas. They find that Milwaukee and Madison are similar ...
    • Migration To and From Wisconsin 

      Lopez, Yeri; Scholz, John Karl (2007)
      Wisconsin exports more college graduates than it imports, with a net 7,000 people with bachelor's degrees leaving, the authors discover. More educated people leave Wisconsin for Chicago and Minneapolis/St. Paul than ...
    • Perspectives on Economic Development from Site Selection Magazine 

      Lopez, Yeri; Scholz, John Karl (2007)
      The authors find that a Wisconsin presence is missing from an influential magazine that professionals consult when they consider locations for their businesses. The authors categorize themes in the journal's advertisements ...