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Gandhi and India: The Dream and Reality of India

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Schultz, Anthony Thomas
Oberly, James Warren, 1954-
Jul 14, 2009
Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948--Influence; Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948--Political and social views; India--History--1947-; India--Politics and government--1947-; India--Social conditions--1947-
India has been one of the fastest growing nations in the world in the past couple of decades. India, like the United States, was once under British rule. M.K. Gandhi and many others tried and were successful in pushing British rule out of their country and forging their own nation. Once India was freed from British rule, many of India's prominent figures had views and dreams for the course the country would take, especially Gandhi. Today, India is a thriving country, with a population of over a billion, and is a major player in world political affairs. However, some wonder if Gandhi's dream for India came true or if it is still a work in progress. This paper attempts to examine the ideal that Gandhi had in mind during the final years of his life and compare it to today's modern day India. By looking at Gandhi's own original work from his autobiography, his other writings and some sources from individuals that he worked with, it will give a picture of what Gandhi might have wanted for India. I will compare this to today's modern day India by looking at the progress it has made over the last 60 years since Gandhi passed away. I will discuss the economic, religious and political changes it has made since then by looking at the World Values Survey and other sources to see how this change has happened. This will give an overall idea if this is the India that Gandhi dreamed would have evolved or if it is an India that he would disappoint him.
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