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    • Pierce and Pepin Counties apartment recycling program survey: Summer 2005 

      Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise; Trechter, David (2005-10)
      To help owners/managers of multifamily housing properties with five or more units comply with state and county recycling regulations, the County Recycling Departments of Pierce and Pepin Counties commissioned the Survey ...
    • Prescott area fitness center survey report 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Janke, James (2007-04)
      The motivation for this study was to gather opinions of residents about a year-round physical fitness facility serving the greater Prescott area, which includes the City of Prescott and the townships of Oak Grove, Clifton, ...
    • Rock River Stormwater Group: 2013 stormwater related perceptions, knowledge and practices survey report 

      Hadley, Shelly; Trechter, David (2014-01)
      The goals of the survey were to provide the Rock River Stormwater Group (RRSG) with information to help local efforts to improve area lakes and streams. Input was sought from households in the Rock River Stormwater Group ...
    • School District of River Falls school start time survey report, 2011 

      Hadley, Shelly; Trechter, David (2011-10)
      The purpose of this study was to inform the River Falls School District School Start Time Committee, and school board members about parent and staff preferences regarding changes to current start and stop times of the school day.
    • Sparta Butterfest visitor survey report, 2010 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Janke, James (2010-08)
      The purpose of this study was to gather information about the opinions, preferences and spending patterns of Butterfest visitors.
    • St. Croix County parks survey county resident opinions 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise (2005-01)
      The purpose of this survey was to gauge public opinion about outdoor recreational facilities and amenities offered by the County, to identify areas of potential expansion or contraction of these services, and determine ...
    • St. Croix County parks visitor survey report, 2011 

      Janke, James; Trechter, David (2011-10)
      The purpose of this study was to gather information about the opinions and experiences of visitors to the parks within the St. Croix County Parks system.
    • St. Croix County resident survey, 2013 summary report 

      Janke, James; Trechter, David (2013-04)
      This survey is part of St. Croix County's strategic planning update and was developed to gather opinions from St. Croix County residents about the current importance of various County functions and future spending levels ...
    • Town of Mercer: housing survey report 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly (2006-05)
      In the spring of 2006, the Town of Mercer conducted a survey that determined what sort of housing would be helpful in attracting people who commute to the Town of Mercer for work to become residents.
    • Waukesha County library system public opinion survey 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise (2008-01)
      The goal of the Waukesha County Library System (WCLS) survey was to determine average library usage, opinions about the value of the WCLS, and economic considerations associated with the library. A key question to be ...