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    • UW-River Falls summer school survey Fall 2004 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise (2005-01)
      A questionnaire was designed and administered to determine who the current clientele are for summer school, what their preferences are in terms of course offerings, their plans and motivations for attending in the coming ...
    • Somali goat meat preference survey Fall 2004 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise (2005-01)
      A survey of Somali residents in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area to assess their goat meat consumption preferences.
    • St. Croix County parks survey county resident opinions 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise (2005-01)
      The purpose of this survey was to gauge public opinion about outdoor recreational facilities and amenities offered by the County, to identify areas of potential expansion or contraction of these services, and determine ...
    • Wisconsin Idea 

      Trechter, David (2005-04)
      A working paper drafted by David Trechter discussing the condition of the Wisconsin Idea today and the challenges that must be addressed if it is to remain a defining characteristic of the state's culture.
    • UW-River Falls parking survey 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise (2005-05)
      This survey was developed for the UW-River Falls Parking Office to solicit their views about parking on and around campus. The survey was sent to faculty and staff, students living in River Falls, and commuter students.
    • St. Croix promotional campaign survey summary and comments 

      University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Survey Research Center (2005-05)
      This is an annual survey done for the St. Croix River Valley Regional Tourism Alliance. SRC staff called hotels and motels in the area to determine the effect of the "Celebrate Winter on the Sparkling St. Croix Tourism ...
    • UW-River Falls student alcohol consumption opinions focus group report 

      Parks, Denise; Trechter, David (2005-05)
      Student Health Services asked the SRC to conduct focus groups to explore the views of students about alcohol consumption and the impact of responsible drinking campaigns.
    • Hudson adult education survey 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise (2005-05)
      A questionnaire developed for the City of Hudson to study the Adult Education needs in the area.
    • City of Washburn community planning survey: spring 2005 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Kane, Tim (2005-07)
      This mail-out survey gathered information from residents of Washburn, Wisconsin about planning issues that the city was facing.
    • Menominee Tribal Housing Department survey of housing/homeownership needs: Spring 2005 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly; Waukau, Sharon; Fredenberg-Holzman, Terri (2005-09)
      The SRC conducted a survey on housing issues facing the Menominee Nation.
    • Lac du Flambeau integrated resource management plan opinion survey: Spring 2005 

      Trechter, David; Gauthier, Brian; Parks, Denise (2005-09)
      In April and May 2005 the Survey Research Center (SRC) conducted a survey for the members of the Lac Du Flambeau (LDF) Band of Lac Superior Chippewa Indians on management and conservation of natural and cultural resources ...
    • Pierce and Pepin Counties apartment recycling program survey: Summer 2005 

      Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise; Trechter, David (2005-10)
      To help owners/managers of multifamily housing properties with five or more units comply with state and county recycling regulations, the County Recycling Departments of Pierce and Pepin Counties commissioned the Survey ...
    • UW-River Falls vision and values survey: Fall 2005 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly (2005-11)
      Conducted during the Fall of 2005, this on-line survey sought opinions in seven areas. Respondents were asked to describe the campus, offer what its core values should be in the 21st century, and describe their vision for ...
    • 2006 farmer investment survey 

      Lawless, Greg; Trechter, David (2006)
      Surveys were sent out to Wisconsin farmers who had completed the 2004 Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS). The survey attempts to understand how, why, and where Wisconsin farmers, as a group, are investing off ...
    • St. Croix County business services survey: Fall 2005 

      Trechter, David; Janke, James; Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise (2006-01)
      In October of 2005, larger businesses of St. Croix County, Wisconsin received surveys that requested information about business services practices.
    • Downtown Hudson 2005 parking survey: comprehensive report 

      Trechter, David; Janke, James; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly (2006-01)
      The 2005 Survey Research Center analysis of parking issues in downtown Hudson is based on 4 surveys: a tally of parking spaces occupied in downtown Hudson during three days in the summer of 2005; intercept interviews with ...
    • City of Fitchburg comprehensive planning survey report 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly (2006-02)
      Between September and December of 2005, the citizens and business community in Fitchburg, Wisconsin received surveys from the city that requested their input on land use issues.
    • Town of Emerald land use survey spring 2006 

      Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise; Trechter, David (2006-03)
      The Town of Emerald surveyed citizens to gather input regarding land use planning in their community.
    • Town of Star Prairie comprehensive planning survey report 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly (2006-03)
      The Star Prairie Town Plan Commission and Town Board surveyed households to gather citizens' input concerning land use issues, housing, agriculture and natural resources, transportation, utiliites and community services, ...
    • City of Hudson: comprehensive plan survey report - residents' perspectives 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Hadley, Shelly (2006-05)
      The City of Hudson conducted a survey to gather opinions of residents about the future of the City. The study provided decision-makers in Hudson with accurate, up-to-date information about the views of city residents ...