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    • Wisconsin Education Act 31: 2014 administrator and teacher survey report 

      Hadley, Shelly; Trechter, David (2014-05)
      In February 2014, the Wisconsin Education Act 31 (1989/1991) Survey Committee conducted Wisconsin school administrator and teacher online surveys to determine how state and tribal agencies can help provide information, ...
    • Wisconsin Idea 

      Trechter, David (2005-04)
      A working paper drafted by David Trechter discussing the condition of the Wisconsin Idea today and the challenges that must be addressed if it is to remain a defining characteristic of the state's culture.
    • Wisconsin pork business survey results 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Janke, James (2011-05)
      Bill Gnatzig, Steve Bach, and Lynn Harrison opted to work with the SRC to implement their Agriculture Development and Diversification project on improving the supply of quality hogs to Wisconsin's meat processors. In the ...
    • Wisconsin State Horse Council general population survey and horse owners' survey report 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise; Janke, James (2008-03)
      The goal of the General Population Survey was to estimate the number of households in the state that own at least one horse. The Horse Owners' Survey was designed to assess the economic impact horse owners have on the ...
    • Wisconsin winery/cidery survey 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise (2008-11)
      The survey sought information from producers of mead, wine made from grapes, and cider from apples, pears, and other fruit. The goal of the survey was to gather information about production, revenues, costs, and visitors ...